Route Chat Transcripts to a Slack Channel

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Our Zapier integration helps business owners save time by automating processes that have previously been manual. This guide will walk you through connecting Chat and Slack via Zapier. Using this guide, you can route contact information and transcripts from Chats to a Slack channel.


To use our Zapier integration to connect and Slack, you will need:

Route Chat Transcripts to a Slack Channel

We created this premade template to more easily sync your and Slack accounts.

  1. Click "Use this Zap" in the below template.

  2. Connect your and Slack accounts to your Zapier account by following the prompts.
    1. Connect More information can be found here.
    2. Connect Slack.
  3. Since you started with a template, most fields will already be populated. Customize the Zap to meet your business needs. You need to add the following customizations:
    1. Choose the Slack Channel to send the messages. Feel free to create a new, dedicated channel just for Chat transcripts.
    2. Edit the "Message Text" (Optional).
  4. Test the Zap.
  5. Name the Zap.
  6. Turn on the Zap.

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