How to Connect Your ScheduleOnce Account to

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Your receptionists can book appointments directly into your calendars on the ScheduleOnce online scheduling platform.

How to connect your ScheduleOnce account to

  1. Retrieve your publicly visible calendar link, known as the General Link, in your ScheduleOnce account. You can find this link by going to Share & Publish.
    scheduleonce general link
  2. Click on "Link" and select the Booking page you want to use. (We can support calendar appointments on one or multiple Booking pages.)
  3. Select "General link."
  4. Copy the link and email it to, with the subject line "Connect my ScheduleOnce account." If you're providing more than one Booking page link, please give us directions for the correct way to book appointments on each calendar.
  5. That's it! We'll notify you as soon as the integration is complete.

How the integration with ScheduleOnce works

Your receptionists will add appointments to your calendar according to your directions, and you'll see updates in real time. Appointment bookings will, as always, also be noted in your call summaries.

Please note: Appointment booking is an optional add-on service and will incur an extra fee. View current pricing for this and all other add-on services.

Need Assistance?

Email us at or call us at (650) 727-6484 Monday through Friday between 5am – 6pm PT so that we may assist you.

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