How to use Filevine with for lead capture, client intake, and appointment scheduling

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Your receptionists can work with your Filevine forms and calendar to bring greater efficiency to your law practice.

To automatically add call details and summary notes of each call to a specific Filevine project, read How to connect your Filevine account to via the integration.

How to use with Filevine

There are a number of ways to leverage and Filevine for even more efficient operations at your law practice, but there are three primary integrations that we'll focus on here, which involve lead capture, new client intake, and appointment booking.

1. Lead capture: Use receptionists to call back new leads

Filevine allows you to send automated emails to leads during the “inbound funnel.” But you can also send these automated emails to, and our receptionists will call the lead to follow up and book a consultation. Set up your lead funnel to automatically request an outbound call from a receptionist via email — say, an hour or two after the lead has entered your funnel, if they haven’t booked a consultation yet.

When the receptionist makes the call, they can qualify the lead, gather new intake information, and get them booked for an appointment on your calendar.

2. New client intake: Have receptionists complete web intake forms

Once our receptionists have qualified the lead on the phone, whether it's from a web form call-back or from an incoming call, we can then proceed with client intake, if they meet your criteria. Create a web form using Gravity Forms, Jotform, Typeform, or even Google Forms and integrate it with Fileving using Zapier. Once we have the form link, our receptionists will complete the intake on the caller's behalf.

3. Appointment booking: Let receptionists schedule meetings & call-backs on your calendar

Depending on your workflows for new leads and existing clients, you may wish for our receptionists to book appointments on your behalf. These could be new lead call-backs if a live transfer was not possible, existing client meetings, court dates, or other appointment types.

Filevine integrates with Google Calendar and Office 365. While our receptionists are not able to use Filevine to directly add events to your calendar, there is a very easy and inexpensive workaround using Calendly. Simply link your Google Calendar or Office 365 account to Calendly (which is free for one event type and very inexpensive thereafter), and then provide your Calendly scheduling link to your receptionists. We will book events on Calendly, and those will appear in your Filevine calendar auto-magic-ally.

Please note: Appointment booking is an optional add-on service and will incur extra fees. View current pricing.

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