Passing additional data through your Outreach Campaign

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You are using's Outreach Campaigns to call leads, existing clients, or other recipients. But your marketing system is sophisticated, and you want to track multiple parameters about those calls, tying them to existing internal efforts of campaigns or your own. Examples of how to use additional data fields with outreach campaigns: 

  • You're running a direct mail campaign and want to track which mailer performs best, e.g., Mailer_A, Mailer_B
  • You’re following up with service tickets and wish to track ticket numbers associated with each call
  • You want to match a system-specific ID to each recipient in your campaign, such as a Salesforce Opportunity ID
Note: Additional data fields are not exposed to the receptionist making the call. You cannot use them for contextual information or call instructions for each caller. If you'd like to make a feature request around that, please let us know what your needs are.

How to do it with's outreach campaigns

How it works

When you send additional data to your outreach campaign, we return it to you with all call information through the Zapier Zap.

Formatting the data


If your campaign uses an uploaded CSV, your columns should be in the following order:

First name, Last name, Phone number, Email (optional), User data 1 (optional), User data 2 (optional), User data 3 (optional)

User data 1, User data 2, and User data 3 are where you can put your additional data.

Via API/Zapier

If your campaign uses the API (or Zap), you will send the values as

user_data_1, user_data_2, and user_data_3

Are there any limitations to the additional data fields?

At this time, we support three custom data fields. Each data field can hold up to 4,096 characters, including spaces and special characters. If your data includes a comma, then put that data inside quotation marks. Read more about why commas need quotation marks in CSV files

Questions? Contact us!

If you're already a client and need help, please email us at or call us at (650) 727-6484 for assistance.

If you're not yet a client, please schedule a free consultation to get started with our outreach campaigns or email us at We'll help you select the best plan to match your business’s growth goals and budget.

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