How to connect your Filevine account to

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How the Filevine + integration works

With this integration, after every call, will:

  • Add calls to the Activity tab of a specific Filevine project
  • Add call details and summary notes to each activity

How to connect your Filevine account to

If you’re already a Filevine user, getting started is simple.

Before connecting your Filevine account to, you’ll need to collect the following information from Filevine:

API Base URL. You can find your API Base URL in your Filevine Portal.

API Key and Key Secret. If you don't have an API Key yet, you’ll need to create one from your Filevine Portal.

Project ID. Identify the project in which you want calls to appear. You can find this information in your Filevine Dashboard. If you’d like, you can choose to create a new project labeled “” so it’s easier for you to view and organize communications handled by

Once you’ve collected all the required information from your Filevine account, you’re now ready to connect it to your Virtual Receptionist account.

  1. Go to your Virtual Receptionist Dashboard and select the “Integrations” tab. Select Filevine to begin the integration process.

  1. Complete the required form with the information you collected earlier from your Filevine account: API Base URL, API Key, API Secret (a.k.a. "Key Secret"), and Project ID.

  1. Click "Connect Filevine."
  2. That’s it! Once you’ve completed the last step, the integration between your account and Filevine will be live! 

How to see calls and callers in Filevine: 

To view your calls in Filevine, navigate to the Activity tab and view calls that have been logged.

You will see the caller's contact information, call details, and the summary notes.

Note: The time zone that appears will match the time zone set for your account.

filevine integration showing a call in the activity log integration pricing note: Each plan includes one free integration. View current pricing.

Need help? 

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