Viewing the progress of your outbound call campaigns in your dashboard

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Once you've contacted us and set up an Outbound Calling Campaign, you can track the progress of that campaign right from your dashboard.

Clicking on the megaphone icon in the left-side menu will take you to the Campaigns section. This list will give you a high-level overview of the progress of all your campaigns. For the details of a specific campaign, click its name.

If you click on the Campaigns section and don't see any campaigns, don't be alarmed. It's either that it's in progress, or that we haven't set one up for you yet. Contact our Client Success team at any stage and request an Outbound Calling Campaign.
Campaigns section of the dashboard

On the Campaign Details page, you can check that all the supplied details are correct — custom greeting, reason for call, call instructions, etc.

You can see the Campaign Schedule, and whether it's custom for this campaign or it uses your standard Availability Schedule. You can check the start date of the campaign, and see how many call attempts we will make on your behalf, including the gap between each attempt.

The Recipient List at the bottom of the page allows you to track progress on the campaign, including how many times we've attempted to call each recipient, and whether we've reached them or not.

Campaign details page

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