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Availability and Work Schedule

Set Your Availability and Work Schedule in Your Dashboard. In your dashboard , you can set your business time zone, set standard work hours and days of the week, and tell us the holidays where you an…

Jessica Paxton
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How to Change Your Referral Code

Log into the dashboard and go to Settings. (Or follow this link to go directly there: ). Scroll down to the “ Refer and Earn Rewards ” section.. Click Edit..…

Jessica Paxton
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How to Text Support

What do you do if you need to email at , but your cell phone can't or won't access data or LTE? Fortunately, cell phones allow users some unexpected resources in the palms o…

Luis Santiago
Updated 1 year ago by Luis Santiago

Requesting updates to instructions via the Dashboard

You can now submit a form for updates to your account instructions via the Smith Dashboard, so your request is categorized properly and responded to in a timely manner.. Log into your Dashboard. Go t…

Jessica Paxton
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Using and Accessing the Call Dashboard

Where is the dashboard and how do I access it? Please head on over to If you have a chat account, please log in using that account. If you do not have a chat account, please…

Crystal Field
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Why don't you have an online portal?

Do we have an online portal? We do now! And it's rich with business intelligence! Go check it out here: Using and Accessing the Call Dashboard

Crystal Field
Updated 1 year ago by Crystal Field