Outbound Calling

Enabling your business' caller ID for Smith.ai-placed calls

By default, outbound calls placed from Smith.ai appear to come from your "Smith.ai Number," the number to which you forward calls. If someone we call calls back at that number, they still reach the r…

Justin Maxwell
Updated 11 months ago by Justin Maxwell

Outbound Calling with Smith.ai: Getting Started

In addition to answering and qualifying all inbound calls, Smith.ai offers outbound calling campaigns for all kinds of business, at no additional charge. For example: You want routine follow-up calls…

Crystal Field
Updated 4 months ago by Crystal Field

Requesting Outbound Call-Backs from Your Call Summary or Dashboard

You can now request an outbound call from anyone using the " Request Outbound Call " button in your dashboard. View the article. You can request call-backs to your callers directly from your call sum…

Barry Hannah
Updated 1 month ago by Barry Hannah

Requesting an Outbound Call in the Dashboard

You can request Smith.ai receptionists place outbound calls from your account. The following steps outline how to do so from your dashboard.. Log in to your Smith.ai Dashboard. Go to your Call Histor…

Jessica Paxton
Updated 2 weeks ago by Jessica Paxton

Set your schedule and preferences for outbound calls

When you request a "call back" or an outbound call to someone, Smith.ai wants to make sure we accomplish the task — it's critical. Therefore we allow you to specify how many times you'd like our syst…

Crystal Field
Updated 1 month ago by Crystal Field