Payment Collection

How to Use CPACharge with Receptionists

CPACharge is one of several payment providers available to CPAs, but there are some noteworthy benefits to choosing them: No hardware requirements. Fraud protection and data encryption. In-house expe…

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How to Use Headnote to Collect Payments with receptionists can accept payments from your law firm's clients over the phone through Headnote, the most modern choice for secure, compliant online law firm payments with the lowest fees in…

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How to Use LawPay to Collect Payments with

Please note: Payment collection is not available for legacy Essential plans (no longer available). Explore our Virtual Receptionist and Outreach Campaign plans. receptionists can accept paym…

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How to use to store credit card information receptionists can save payment information from business' clients over the phone through — this can be useful when clients want to give you their credit card for future charges…

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Payment Software Integrations integrates with most major payment processing software so receptionists can easily collect payments on your behalf. We can collect payments on an ongoing basis, such as when pre-payment is r…

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