How to Set Up Direct Transfers and Block Callers

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With Keypad, you can re-route specific callers to a destination number, or block them from contacting anyone at your business.

Direct transfers (a.k.a. "whitelisted" numbers)
Direct transfers are numbers that skip over your call routing and ring one of your destination numbers directly.

You'll find this useful for:

  • Current clients
  • Family members
  • VIPs like vendors, partners, and government offices

Here is a brief video explaining how to add a new direct transfer number:

Blocked callers
Blocked callers are numbers that never make it to your call routing. These are the individuals and businesses you never want to hear from.

You'll find this useful for:

  • Undesirable sales calls
  • Unwanted or rude clients
  • Unwanted referrals

Here is a brief video explaining how to block (and unblock) a number:

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