Keypad Outbound Call Troubleshooting

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As you may already know, when utilizing the Keypad App on your mobile phone you are prompted to call your Keypad number. For more information regarding this and why the app is designed this way, please see: Why does the app call my own number?

If you have dialed your clients number, selected your Keypad number as the outbound caller ID, and initiated the call, but reached your business line rather than the client, please see below for possible causes.

Are you calling from within the Keypad Mobile App?
  • Ensure you are initiating the call from within the Keypad App. If you simply go to your recent calls and attempt to redial the number, you are going to reach your business line. To fix this error, please open the Keypad App and redial the clients number.
Are multiple users attempting to place an outbound call from one caller id?
  • Verify that you are the only person attempting to place an outbound call at that time. If multiple people are attempting to place an outbound call from the same number at the same time, chances are there will be an error and you will reach your business line. (We are working to resolve this matter, and will update once it has been resolved) To fix this error, please hang up and dial your client again.
Is the caller ID enabled on your native cell app?
  • Your native phone app must share your caller ID. If you have your caller ID blocked on your cell phone, Keypad will not recognize that it is you attempting to place the outbound call, thus ending in a call to your main business line. To fix this error, visit your cell phone settings and enable your caller ID.

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