Text Answering as a Service: The Basics

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Smith.ai now offers text answering as a service. Our U.S.-based agents and 24/7 AI bots work in tandem to answer questions, screen leads, and schedule appointments for your business.

What is text answering?

More and more of your customers want to send text messages to your business to ask questions, book appointments, and touch base. And with text answering they can! Our professional agents combined with our proprietary technology will answer these texts on your behalf.

Why do I need this?

In order to capture more quality leads for your business, it’s important to be available via email, phone, website, and, that’s right, text message. When someone texts you, they expect an immediate response, but these interruptions can drain your resources (let's face it, you're busy). So Smith.ai’s agents can answer these text messages for you, following your custom instructions. We'll also work to capture, qualify, and schedule new leads. Plus, your 24/7 chatbot can automatically answer questions, pre-screen leads, book calls, take payments, and log transcripts.

Features and capabilities

Lead Screening & Intake

We capture and qualify your leads based on your custom criteria, and collect basic intake for qualified leads.

Appointment Scheduling*

We book appointments for you and your clients, on your own calendar.

Real-time Translation

We leverage Neural Network AI to instantly translate texts from your Spanish-speaking clients and leads if they connect with one of our English-speaking agents.

After-hours bot

We answer text messages from 5am – 9pm PT/8am – 12am ET. After those hours, your custom AI chatbot kicks in for 24/7 responsiveness to new leads and existing clients seeking answers, appointments, and more.

Emailed Transcripts

We instantly send text conversation transcripts via email along with a daily summary of all conversations.

CRM Integration*

All contact information and text transcripts are logged instantly in your software, like Clio, HubSpot, Lexicata, PracticePanther, and more.

Custom Knowledge Base and Q&A

Knowledge base with unlimited FAQ to help agents and after-hours bots answer common questions quickly and accurately.

*Note: These features incur an additional charge.

How much does it cost?

Our prices, for any channel (web, text, Facebook Messenger, Intercom, etc.) are per conversation, on a monthly basis. There are no setup fees or hidden additional fees. We have three pricing models:

Starter: $100/mo

Includes 10 relevant conversations. Additional conversations are charged at $10 per chat.

Basic: $240/mo

Includes 30 relevant conversations. Additional conversations are charged at $8 per chat.

Pro: $600/mo

Includes 100 relevant conversations. Additional conversations are charged at $8 per chat.

How Much are Add-Ons?

Scheduling and integrations are charged per conversation per month. So at $1 for scheduling, if you have the Starter Plan you pay an extra $10/month flat fee.

  • Scheduling: $1/conversation/month
  • Billing: $1/conversation/month
  • CRM, Slack, & Zapier integrations: $0.50/conversation/month — pay just once for all three.
  • 24/7 chatbot Q&A & playbooks (unlimited questions and answer variations): Free
  • Spanish/English translation: Free
How will I be charged for Add-Ons?
  • You can turn on an add-on at any time and be charged immediately.
  • Add-ons will be prorated 50% if you sign up for one halfway through your billing cycle.
  • On the next billing cycle, you will be charged for a full month of the add-on.
  • There are no partial refunds. If you cancel the add-on, it will be removed from your next billing cycle.

This sounds great! How do I get started?

Email chat@smith.ai and we will get you set up with an account. We will provide you with a new phone number for text answering (we won’t use your current phone number or your Smith.ai Receptionists number, but a completely new one). You will need to fill out our questionnaire about your business and provide us with specific cases. Then you can start promoting your number and sit back while we answer business questions, screen leads, and book appointments, all on your behalf!

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