HELP! I can't receive inbound calls through Keypad!

Updated 2 years ago by Joelle

You have your office directory updated to include your SIP lines, your call routing and schedules are set up and ready to go. You have placed outbound calls to test the system; however, you haven't received any inbound calls. You then attempt to call your new Keypad number but the call won't connect, you hear ringing, then dead air and the line disconnects. What in the world is going on?! STOP, before you panic, we already know what is going on; you are experiencing an issue with your firewall.

  • If you are utilizing X-lite or Bria, please see this article for more information.
  • If you are utilizing a Softphone or VOIP Desk Phone please see this article for more information.
Please note, our software does support hardware SIP phones and we have basic guides for setting them up. However, we do not provide technical support for SIP phone configuration and issues. If you are unable to troubleshoot with the information provided within these HelpDocs we would advise calling and IT consultant to assist you with further set-up & troubleshooting.


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