How to Set Up Call Routing

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Your office directory is set up with your destination numbers. Your voicemail greetings are in place. Now it's time to route your calls!

Basic call-routing menu setup
Incoming calls can be handled in four ways: with a menu, message, transfer, or voicemail

Unless you're on vacation or taking a break from your business, you'll likely want to use a menu as the first step in your call routing configuration.

How to create a menu:

  1. Find your main number in Keypad and click "Configure." 
  2. Add a new schedule for all days & hours.
  3. Add a "menu" step.
  4. Set up a greeting and menu options, like "Press 1 for new clients" and "Press 2 for existing clients."
  5. For each menu option, choose to transfer the call, play a message, or send to voicemail.
  6. Call your Keypad number and test your menu.

Tip: Once you've completed your menu, review your configuration. Have you included all destination numbers? Do all call paths end in a message or voicemail?

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