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Not only does integrate with Housecall Pro, but clients also get a special discount on Housecall Pro plans.

What is Housecall Pro?

Housecall Pro is business management software for home services busineses, like carpet cleaners, HVAC technicians, and plumbers. Easily schedule and dispatch members of your team, accept bookings and payments from clients, and create estimates and invoices — right from your phone.

How does the and Housecall Pro integration work?

If you currently use Housecall Pro, integration means your receptionists will be able to book appointments for new leads and existing clients directly in your account using your online booking link

Already using Housecall Pro? Great! Here's how to connect your account with

  1. Make sure you have Online Booking set up in your Housecall Pro account. If you don't, there are full instructions here on getting online booking set up for your various services:
    In short, you need to go through your price list and toggle "online booking" on for any of your services.
    1. In your Housecall Pro account, go to Settings > My price list
    2. For each service you want to be available to your receptionists, enable it by switching the "Book online" toggle to the right. It will appear blue when it's on:
  2. Once you have online booking set up for all the services you want to offer, you need to get your booking URL.
    1. Navigate back to the dashboard and click on "My Apps" then "Go to App Store."
    2. Under Online Booking you'll see a "My Website" card. Click "Learn more" at the bottom of it.
    3. In the upper righthand corner of the next page, make sure the toggle is set to "Active" and then click "Preview my online booking page"
    4. Review the page, as this will be what your receptionists see (as well as potential clients if you have this page set up on your website or anywhere else). If everything looks right, copy the URL from your browser.
      Paste this URL into an email to with the subject, "Housecall Pro Integration."
  3. That's it! Your receptionists will be able to begin booking appointments directly in your Housecall Pro account typically within 1 business day.

Please note: Each plan includes one free integration. CRM integrations are not available for Essential plans. View current pricing.

Special Housecall Pro offer for clients

If you're an existing client, Housecall Pro is extending a special offer to you. They will waive the activation fee ($99 value), and you'll get 10% to 30% off Housecall Pro plans as follows:

  • 10% discount on month-to-month plans
  • 20% discount on 6-month plans
  • 30% discount on 12-month plans

At the time of writing, plans start at $39/month (retail cost) for one user.

To take advantage of the discount, sign up at's dedicated partner page at


If you have questions or need assistance connecting your account to Housecall Pro, please call us at (650) 727-6484 Monday through Friday between 5am – 6pm PT, or reach us by email at

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