How to Make an Outbound Call in Keypad

Updated 2 years ago by Joelle

You can make outbound calls from Keypad using any device that has a web browser installed (e.g., a computer, tablet, or phone).

  • If you have multiple Keypad numbers, you can choose which one to use to make the outbound call. 
  • The number you choose will be displayed on caller ID.

To make a call in Keypad:

  1. Click on "Dialer"
  2. Enter the phone number using your mouse or numbers on your keyboard.
  3. Click "Call"

To end a call in Keypad:

  1. While you're on a call, the green "Call" button will change to a red "End" button.
  2. To end the call, just click "End"

Here is a brief video that explains how to make a call in Keypad:

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