Keypad Pricing

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We've built Keypad to be simple — both from a usability point-of-view and a pricing point-of-view. If you're not using fax, toll-free numbers, or international minutes, why pay for them? 


One Keypad number (Base Plan) 

1000 minutes* 
250 messages 
1 number (local or toll-free) 
Unlimited Destination numbers 
Call routing 
Call analytics 


( Learn about Add-ons here)

Voicemail (VM) transcription (100 mins)
$5/month + 5¢ per minute over 100 minutes

SMS Messages (includes 250)
Free + 2¢ per SMS over 250

Call Recording (1000 mins included)
$10/month + 1¢ per min over 1000

Fax (1 fax number + 200 pages included)
$10/month + 5¢ per page over 200


$5 per number (local or toll-free or fax) 
3¢ per min over 1,000

 *Toll-free minutes count as 2 minutes/messages. Any overage is 2X. 

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