Do you support SMS over SIP on my mobile phone (via Bria, X-Lite, etc.)?

Updated 2 years ago by Joelle

We'd love to, but it's not possible. Hypothetically, if you skip a cloud phone provider and set up a call system with only Bria, then they create a gateway for incoming/outgoing SMS messages just like we do. However, they, and we, are doing this in a proprietary fashion to get SMS passed through a cloud phone system. Unfortunately there's no handoff from one system to another. So you can get SMS on Keypad or SMS on Bria, but not SMS on Bria via Keypad.

Use Case:

Your cloud phone system is set up with Keypad. Calls come in and first attempt your desk phone, then your computer via Bria or X-Lite, then the Bria client on your mobile phone. (You're not using the Keypad iOS app because you want the additional functionality Bria provides and pay a monthly fee for that privilege.) When you receive a text message to one of your Keypad numbers, you want that text message to go to all your devices, including your mobile phone.

In this situation, an incoming text message (SMS or MMS) will:

  • Appear in the Messages view of the Keypad web app
  • Appear in the Messages pane of the Keypad mobile apps
  • Arrive as a text message (if your notification settings are set to do this)

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