Uploading a CSV file to direct transfer/block ("whitelist"/"blacklist") numbers utilizing your VR dashboard

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Whether you are a new Smith.ai customer or you have been with us long-term, you likely have a list of VIP's that you want to speak with anytime they call. This document will assist you in bulk adds to either your directly-transferred callers or numbers you wish to block. There is no limit on the amount of numbers you can direct-transfer or block.

If you've come here with expectation of the terms, "whitelist" and "blacklist," don't fret. These are outdated terms you should likely stop using as well. For more information, please see the Internet Engineering Task Force's document on the use of Oppressive Language in tech.

What is direct transfer (previously "whitelisting"), and why do I want this?

If you are unfamiliar with the terminology, direct transferring a number simply means that anytime a call from a specified number comes to us, it is redirected to your cell number on file. This is useful for any important clients, family members, judges/court staff, etc. Anyone in which you would like to speak with anytime they call. Once a caller is added to the direct transfer list, you will no longer be charged for inbound calls that come from that number.

If you need/want to provide a different number to have these calls forwarded to, simply send us an email and we can update that on our side. Keep in mind, the number you direct these calls to can not be forwarded to our team or the caller will be stuck in an endless loop.

Avoid charges by adding unwanted callers to your block list (previously "blacklist"):

In hindsight you also have the ability to block numbers from reaching your business line. By adding these numbers to your block list, you will prevent them from reaching you or our team again on future attempts. This is incredibly useful for unwanted sales/spam calls, rude/unwanted clients and unwanted referrals. One benefit to blocking these callers is that you avoid unnecessary charges through our service, here at Smith.ai we will never charge you for these unwanted calls.

How to add numbers to your lists:

As always, you can click on the corresponding hyperlink that is sent to you with every call summary.

Additionally, you now have the ability to upload a CSV using your online VR Dashboard.

  1. Create & save your csv.file. This should contain one column consisting of only numbers.

  1. Login to your VR Dashboard, if you need assistance setting this up, please see: Using and Accessing the Smith.ai Call Dashboard.
  2. Load the call handling page & click "Import a CSV." Be sure you are on the appropriate list whether you are attempting to whitelist or block the numbers.

  1. Click "browse" and upload the file from your computer. Then click "Import"

  1. Voila! You will now see a pop up for how many numbers were successfully added, and if there were any entries that were skipped.

If entries were skipped, please check the formatting to ensure there are no characters and the phone numbers a valid.

Need help? Contact us.

Run into issues importing your CSV? Contact us and we'll take a look. We're available Monday through Friday, 5am – 6pm PT, via phone at (650) 727-6484 or via email at support@smith.ai.

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