How to Add More Numbers

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Your Keypad account supports unlimited numbers, so you can provision a new line for every scenario, for just $5 per number. 

Here are the most common ones:

🏢 Primary numbers for all office locations
If your business has multiple locations, you'll want to assign a phone number to each one. You can route calls to them through your main business number, and customize call handling rules for each one.

📲 Direct lines for coworkers & departments
Whether you operate a single office or several, each of your employees and departments can be provisioned a number (e.g., for business cards and email signatures). Incoming calls can ring your team simultaneously, sequentially, or according to other rules you define.

📣 Toll-free numbers for a nationwide presence
Your business is local, but your potential customers are nationwide. Emphasize the size and reach of your brand with a toll-free number. 

🎯 Tracking numbers for marketing campaigns
SEO, PPC, retargeting, referrals, landing pages ... every marketing channel you use should have a dedicated phone number to track calls, leads, and conversions.

Add more numbers for $5 each by visiting the Call Routing page in your Keypad account.

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