How to Get Started with Keypad: Add an Office Directory, Route Calls & Setup Voicemail

From our team to yours, welcome to Keypad!

Your phone system is now hassle-free. Keypad gives you complete control to route, track, and analyze your calls, messages, and faxes.

Get started in 3 steps:

  1. Add your office directory.

    This is where you keep every phone number your callers can reach, such as your personal mobile phone, your business partner, or your receptionists. Add those numbers here.

    Want to whitelist VIP contacts like your spouse, vendors, and others you'd like to skip your call routing and ring you directly? Add them as direct transfers.
  2. Route your calls.
    Set the rules that determine how and when to ring each number in your office directory. Many options are available, including:
    • Call blasts and sequences
    • IVR ("Press 1 for Sales," 'Press 2 for Support")
      • Note: the menu will repeat itself to the caller until a valid input is received
    • Time-based routing (e.g, M-W-F calls go to you, Tu-Th calls go to someone else)
    After you set your primary routing schedule, be sure to set your schedule for "all other times." For example, if your primary schedule is set to route calls for daytime hours, this will ensure after-hours calls are routed, too.
  3. Set up your voicemail.

    When someone is unavailable to answer, you can try other numbers, but eventually you'll need to fall back on voicemail. You can:
    • Set different greetings for during and after business hours.
    • Set different greetings specific to a person or business unit.
    • Upload your own greetings in MP3 format, or use Keypad's built-in robot to speak for you.

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