How to Set-up Teams for Keypad

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  1. The account owner will need to login to their account. From the toolbar on the left side, click on the "team" icon at the bottom.
  1. From this screen, you will have access to any team members already live on the account, as well as access to add/remove team members. To add a new team member, click on the blue "Invite Team Member" box.
  1. You will then enter the name and email address for the team member(s) you wish to add.
Please note there is a $5/month charge for EACH team member added to your account.
  1. The team member(s) will then receive an email invitation to join. They will need to follow the steps in the email to get set up.
  2. The team member will be required to create their own unique password and verify. They should then click "sign up"
  1. Once the invitation has been accepted, the account owner will see a list of all active and invited team members from the "team" page on the dashboard. Should you need to remove a team member you can do so from this page as well by clicking the three dots beside their name.


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