Pricing & Billing

How to Download an Invoice PDF

If you need to view your recent payment history or download a PDF of a recent invoice, follow these steps: Log into your Dashboard. Click the gear icon to go to Settings. Scroll down to the…

Jessica Paxton
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How to update billing details and business information

You can now edit your billing details (billing address and email address), as well as your business information through your VR Dashboard account settings. How to update your billing details. Log int…

Crystal Field
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How to update your payment method or credit card for your Virtual Receptionist service

Log in to your Virtual Receptionist Dashboard. Go to your Settings.. You'll see your Plan Details, and below are the payment methods. Your primary payment method will always be charged first. A secon…

Crystal Field
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Where do I obtain Smith's W-9 information? is incorporated as a C-Corp in the state of Delaware and does not need a 1099 from you. However, if you determine that you need a W-9 from, you can find it linked below: Download th…

George Jernigan
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Why are add-ons "per-call?" Why should I pay for this on all calls?

The short answer: Per-call pricing gives you a blended average cost of that functionality, proportional to your call plan. It also scales our costs of support for that add-on proportional to supporti…

Crystal Field
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