Problems with Google Voice and Keypad (or any IVR)

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Search results for "google voice for business" are hundreds deep, listing reasons why you shouldn't use Google Voice for your business.

A support contributor on the GV support forums (since GV has no official "support") stated it best:

I was using my GV line for business

Google Voice is not recommended for business nor Institutional use. There is no direct support from Google and in the event of problems, you're limited to seeking help on this public forum where users attempt to assist users with their questions and problems on a "best effort" basis. Although fairly reliable for personal use, random problems that are difficult to diagnose can severely impact your Institution should you encounter problems with Google Voice and there is no guarantee of service, use it entirely at your own risk. 

or this one:

Google Voice is not intended for business use, and forwarded calls must be answered by a human on a regular telephone line. It can't deal with IVRs.

So, about those "random problems:" Google voice doesn't recognize that our system (or any other third party) picks up. It's part of their solution to ring multiple phones simultaneously.  Their system distinguishes between a human answering the phone and a system answering the phone, so that they can get your voicemail instead of a machine getting it (which is desirable if you are a personal GV user).

That said, it's a very bad idea to stack VOIP on top of VOIP — you are likely adding over a second of latency to every call (resulting in call participants interrupting each-other due to lag). 

If all you are using GV for is maintaining that number, and you want to keep that number alive, the best way to handle this is to port the number over to Keypad,'s cloud phone system:

Porting Your Number to

So, what to do? You have two choices, really:

  1. Port your number over to Keypad
  2. Retire the Google Voice number and use your Keypad number

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