How to Train Your Chat Bot From Your Dashboard has a bot that is built-in to our chat feature that can either answer your client’s questions, or help guide our agents to provide more in-depth answers to questions that they might not otherwise have a quick answer to.

By training your bot to recognize certain keywords and phrases, you will give our agents the tools to provide a more knowledgeable and personalized level of customer service regarding subject matter that is unique to your business, as well as provide answers for the after-hours automated responses that your chat bot provides.

How To Train Your Chat Bot: Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Login to  
  2. Click on the Chat Bot icon on the left side of the navigation menu.
  1. You are now in the “Knowledge Base” menu. From here, click on “Q&A” to add variations to the questions you’d like our agents to be able to answer as well as their corresponding responses.
  1. Click on “+New Q&A.” This menu also allows you to see the questions you have previously added for your bot.
  2. Add the questions that your leads and clients most frequently ask that require a specific response. 

    Adding several variations of the questions you include increases the likelihood that your website visitors will receive the answers you want them to be given.

For example:

The following Question Phrases can help you provide answers to customers asking about pricing:

  • “What are your fees?”
  • “Price of consultation?”
  • “Consultation cost”
  • “Free quote?”

You might provide the following answer:

  • “We offer new clients a free initial consultation that will allow us to get a better idea of the total cost of serving you.”

Tip: You can even link in this case to an online calendar to book an initial consultation with you or a colleague at your company, to help immediately convert a new potential client.

Your bot will become more responsive the more you train it! Time spent adding content to your knowledge base also allows our agents to more comprehensively and quickly address your new and existing clients’ needs firsthand, and reduces the time you will spend answering repetitive questions that our agents (or after-hours chat bot) are not equipped to answer.

  1. Save your questions and answers by clicking “Set live.”
  2. Test your bot.   

    Click on the "test your bot here" icon in the lower right-hand corner to test your bot and ensure that it is delivering the answers you desire to the expected prompts (questions).

  3. Train your bot. From the Knowledge Base menu, under where you selected Q&A, click on “Training."
  1. Review the answers your bot has generated, and “Confirm the Response” by selecting the green "check mark," or “Deny the Response” by clicking on the red “x.”  

    This will ensure that your bot is working by eliminating incorrect responses and providing accurate information in a timely manner.

  1. Continue to update your Knowledge Base! As you think of more questions and answers, add them to your bot. The more informed it is, the more we can help your new and existing clients who visit your website.

Questions? Contact us.

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