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Creating linked playbooks

Context. You want the decision or input a user provides on one playbook to link to one or more other playbooks. For example, you may have a master " qualification " playbook that determines which typ…

Justin Maxwell
Updated 3 years ago by Justin Maxwell

How to upgrade your Chatbot to unlimited Playbooks and Q&A

Your Chatbot uses Q&A and sequential conversation Playbooks to answer questions from your web visitors. When you sign up for a free chatbot, it comes with 5 Q&A fields and 1 playbook already…

Kelsey Johnson
Updated 8 months ago by Kelsey Johnson Chatbot: The Basics Chat's free plan offers the same chat on your website, but automatically answered by a chatbot you program yourself! Using our Q&A training and sequential conversation Playbooks, you can set…

Crystal Field
Updated 7 months ago by Crystal Field

What happens to my data when I remove chat add-ons?

This article relates to's free chatbot. You will not lose any data in your account associated with add-on features; features will simply remain inactive unless you choose to turn them back o…

Kelsey Johnson
Updated 3 years ago by Kelsey Johnson