Can I change my phone number?

Updated 3 years ago by Justin Maxwell

Can I change my phone number?

Absolutely! We can usually change your phone number within one business day. All we require is the area code desired for the new number (toll-free or local, but not including the specific area code, "800"*). Just let us know.

*Regarding 800 Numbers

While has a wide range of available toll free numbers, we do not keep toll free numbers with the 800 prefix in stock because these numbers are no longer openly available. However, there are vanity toll free providers that offer these types of numbers, and they can be ported to for free.

Examples of such services that customers of Twilio have used include:

Please note, purchasing a toll free number from one of these services is the first step in moving the number to After you purchase a number, you’ll need to submit a port request.

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