Connecting Chat to Facebook Messenger

Updated 2 weeks ago by Justin Maxwell

Setup (on

  1. Log into your account here:
  2. Go to the Channels section in the left bar:
  3. Select the "Facebook Messenger" Channel
  4. Follow the steps provided to connect your account.
  5. And now...wait 😁

Setup (on Facebook)

  1. Navigate to your Facebook Page
  2. Click on “Settings” in the top navbar
    1. From the left nav, click on “Page roles”
    2. In section “Assign a new Page role” do the following:
      1. search for your user by email address
      2. select “Admin” role in the dropdown
      3. click “Add” and approve the permission when prompted
  3.  It is now configured, and you can now chat with your customers!

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