Call blast limitations for SIP lines

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The Situation

You've set up your Keypad account, created a SIP line for each member of your team on their hardware (SIP) phones, but now the routing will not work as expected — you were hoping to perform a "call blast" and it isn't happening!

Keypad does support:

  • Call Blasts
  • SIP Lines

Keypad does not support:

  • Call blasts to more than 1 SIP Line
  • Call blasts that mix regular phone numbers and SIP lines

But wait, there is a workaround!

Keypad's Call Blast routing feature will not work with SIP phones. (It does work with sequential calling.) However, you can still set up a call blast in your SIP phone software, such as X-Lite or Bria. Have each member of your team share the same SIP login and account, and it will ring their phones simultaneously.

Let's say, for example, you have a Technical Support team. You can create one SIP number (e.g., Tech Support SIP) to share among your team. You can then have all members of this team install X-Lite or Bria, and have everyone put their credentials on their softphone or hardware SIP phone.

Please note that if your team would like a different outbound number for each person, you will need to add a different SIP and add this to Bria for outbound calling. Bria supports multiple SIP credentials.

Many SIP phones support multiple numbers as well. This is how you could ring directly to a person (e.g., "Coralyn's Desk Phone") as well as add the Tech Support SIP to that phone.


You want to have a physical phone on your desk that answers calls to your personal extension, as well as being part of the "Sales" team whenever someone calls that number — even on your mobile phone or desktop computer

  1. Use a 2-line SIP phone such as the Cisco IP CP-7821 or Digium D60
  2. Set up both lines
    1. Name one of them for you personally, and name the other for Sales in your Softphone software
    2. Add those numbers as destinations in your Office Directory
  3. Have each other member of your team repeat this process for their own personal number, but have them use your Sales
  4. Additionally install X-Lite or Bria on your computer or mobile phone for added availability

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