Assign yourself a conversation

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You must assign yourself a conversation in order to respond to web visitors.

  1. When the web visitor engages with your chat widget, your browser will ping you with an alert. Go to your chat dashboard and navigate to the “Conversations” section from the sidebar
Arrow pointing to chat icon on Web Chat dashboard.
  1. You will see a new conversation under “Open channels”
An open channel with Jane Example on the Web Chat dashboard.
  1. Click on the new conversation to open up the message field and contact information for your web visitor Web Chat dashboard with fields for conversations, messages, and contact information.
  1. Click where it currently says “Nobody” Web Chat dashboard with the messaging view and an arrow pointing to "Nobody."
  1. Assign yourself the conversation Web Chat dashboard, message view, with a popup window allowing you to check "you" under "Assigned."
  1. You can now respond to the visitor, use a quick reply, and add contact information
A short example conversation on the Web Chat dashboard.

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