Do you support call transfer?

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Do you support call transfer?

You can't currently take a call and transfer it to someone else with Keypad, leaving the line. You can, however, add a third party to a call via conference call or call merge functions on your phone.

However, we frequently hear requests for call transfer that are actually solved by other things Keypad does. Here's the most common example:

I want calls to go to my receptionist to first field the incoming calls, and then they can transfer the calls to me. If they are out at lunch, though, I want to be able to take the call.

That's exactly what call routing is for. When you set up incoming call routing to Call Blast, it can ring both you and your receptionist simultaneously. If the receptionist picks up after a few rings, great! If not, you can decide to pick up the call yourself. Alternatively, you can set the call routing to Sequential, so that it will first try your receptionist for a fixed amount of time (e.g., 10 seconds) and then call you after. In that situation, you'll know that if a call is coming to you, it's because your receptionist did not answer in time.

If that still won't work for you, please let us know. Your feature requests and feedback continue to make Keypad better for everyone.

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