Add team members to your Live Chat Software

Updated 1 week ago by Kelsey Johnson

Add team members to your Self-Service Web Chat to help you answer chats in shifts or at high volume time periods. Each additional team member (not the account owner) costs $5/month.

  1. In the sidebar of your dashboard, click on “Team
Sidebar of Web Chat dashboard with arrow pointing to the "Team" icon.
  1. On the “Team Members” page, click the “Invite Team Members” button
On Web Chat dashboard, the team members page with an arrow pointing to a button labeled "Invite Team Members"
  1. Add as many team members as you would like. You will be charged $5/month each at the next billing period.
On the Web Chat dashboard, the "Invite Your Team to Chat" page with a name and email field filled out.
  1. If you don’t yet have a credit card attached to your account, a pop-up will ask for payment details
A pop-up modal asking for credit card number, expiration date, and CVC.
  1. Your team member will then show up under “Invited Team Members” until she/he accepts the invitation via email.
Example employee listed under "Invited Employees."

Your team can now start assigning themselves conversations and chatting with your web visitors on behalf of your business.

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