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Welcome! This is a temporary document and will be deleted once our website is updated on January 1, 2022. Any content viewed here after that date may be outdated. Please see our current pricing page for a current version.

Designed for high call volume, consistent instructions, with cadence and follow-up calls. On these calls, receptionists follow a fixed script specific to a campaign or effort. This is a highly efficient, lower-cost method of lead engagement and nurturing, designed for higher volume and batch calling, with repeated attempts. These accounts don't require an existing Virtual Receptionist account, but one is needed if you expect us to answer return calls.

Example usage

  • Routine calls to existing clients (e.g., appointment reminders, work status updates)
  • Review requests to boost online reputation efforts (e.g., calls to recent satisfied customers)


Pricing for Outreach Campaigns is designed for higher volume, quicker calls, with multiple touches.

You are billed for every call made. Overage is priced at your current base pricing. For example, if your base pricing is 100 calls at $4/call, the 101th call is also priced at $4. Quota is shared across multiple campaigns — you can have up to 10 simultaneously. Pricing is per month, not total # of calls. Quota does not roll over.

Base Plan Pricing

2-call minimum per recipient included in the quota


100 calls @ $400 ($4/call over 100)


500 calls @ $1,750 ($3.50/call over 500)


1,000 calls @ $3,000 ($3/call over 1,000)


Talk to us!


We support all relevant add-ons from our virtual receptionist services, such as live call transfers, appointment booking, conflict check, CRM integration, follow-ups, and more — all with a 50% discount of listed prices when used on Outreach Campaigns. Here are a few highlights:


Immediately after each call, we can email or SMS the recipient more information you provide, based on criteria you specify. For example, if someone answers but isn't ready to commit, we can text them a link to more information.

CRM Integration

Each Outreach Campaign call can log to your CRM (or trigger a Zapier Zap)

Outcome / Success as metadata sent to your CRM coming in Q1 2022!
Business Caller ID

All outbound calls can present as coming from your business' phone number — useful for those existing clients who may already have you in their phone's Contacts.

Money-back Guarantee & Cancellation has a 14-day money-back guarantee up to $1,000. More information here. If you cancel, all calls in the queue are immediately suspended and your API access will be put on hold.

Discounts Outreach Campaign pricing is already great! However, our annual pricing discounts also apply: 10% off for a 12-month commitment, or 5% off for a 6-month commitment.

How does it work? Outreach Campaigns support two kinds of contact entry: CSV (Spreadsheet) upload and via API. For both, you'll specify what the success criteria are, what we do, how many times we call, and when. For API access we'll generate a token and provide you with the API schema. For CSV upload, we'll need a spreadsheet of the names, phone numbers, and email addresses to contact. But don't worry — we'll make it all work easily for you!

For both, fill out the Outreach Campaign sign-up form and we'll get you started!


Want to kick the tires before you drive off the lot? Gladly. If you're already a customer, you know we're the best. But if you aren't familiar with us, we're happy to perform a few outbound test calls for you to assess presence, communication, and quality. However, we cannot perform specific actions on a script without an active account.

Possible Questions and Answers

How does this relate to an existing Virtual Receptionist account?

Is an existing Virtual Receptionist account required?

No, but it helps. Without an existing virtual receptionist account, all return/inbound calls will redirect to your business number. With a VR account, we can answer any return calls and handle them according to your instructions.

Do add-ons or integrations on an existing Virtual Receptionist account apply to Outreach Campaign services?

No, they are discounted by 50% though. Because the needs are different, we don't want you to pay more than you need. For example, on inbound calls, you may have transfers, appointments, CRMs, and conflict checks, all adding 20% or more to your base pricing. For outbound, you may just want CRM integration.

Any integrations you have on your outreach campaigns must be present on your Virtual Receptionist service if you want us to handle inbound callbacks with the same instructions.

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