What is Smith.ai Live Chat Software?

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You can personally staff live web chat with the same robust software used by our Live Chat agents. Do you want live chat on your site that you answer yourself (or have a staff member answer for you)? You can add our chat software to your website and answer chats, set up chatbots, integrate with your CRM, and more.

How do I get Smith.ai Live Chat Software?

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Essential features and capabilities

These features are included in your free live chat software.

Unlimited conversations: As many conversations as you need, completely free!

Customizable widget: Update the widget with your logo, copy, colors, and button style.

Simple installation: Easily install the widget on any site or page with only a couple lines of Javascript code.

Availability & greetings: Create and test custom greetings for your clients/customers based on your available hours.

SMS notifications: Notifications of new chat conversations sent via text so you can respond ASAP.

Emailed transcripts: We instantly send text conversation transcripts via email along with a daily summary of all conversations.

Proactive engagement: Chat widget can be set to pop-up and proactively engage new potential leads and customers.

Custom disclaimer: Notify your web visitors of live chat limitations and other useful information directly within the widget.

Canned replies: Use canned replies to respond quickly with commonly-used questions: “Could you please provide your last name and best contact phone number?”

Personalized intake fields: Need client information that’s specific to your company? Create intake fields based on client information your business needs.

Custom links: Create buttons that easily navigate you to your calendar booking, payments, and more.

Add-on features and capabilities

These powerful features are available to add to your free software for an added cost.

Q&A chatbot: Your custom AI chatbot can be trained to answer frequently asked questions.

Custom playbooks: Walk your customers and web visitors through intake playbooks, support, 

Real-time translation: Translate your messages to Spanish and have Spanish-speaking web visitors’ messages translated back to English. “¡Se habla Español!”

CRM integrations: All contact information and text transcripts are logged instantly in your software, like Clio, HubSpot, Lexicata, PracticePanther, and more.

Zapier trigger: Integrate with Zapier to set up automated actions triggered by your conversations on hundreds of connected apps.

Team member accounts: Invite your team as separate users to track conversations and handle higher concurrent volume.

How much does it cost?

Free! Get unlimited chats with your website visitors, completely free. You can customize your widget, put it on your site, and answer a million chats at no cost. We only charged for add-on features.

Add-on pricing

We think live chat software should be accessible for all business owners, so we charge á la carte for add-on features. That way, you only pay for what you need and use.

CRM integrations: $0.50/conversation

Zapier integration: $0.50/conversation

Real-time English-Spanish translation: $0.50/conversation

Q&A knowledge base chatbot: $25/month for unlimited Q&A

Chatbot playbooks: $50/month for unlimited playbooks

Added team members: $5/month/team member

How do I get started?

Click here to sign up. It’s free!

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