Transcribing your recorded calls & voicemails

To transcribe your audio calls or voicemails, we recommend Descript:

Descript is a newcomer in the transcription scene, but we recommend them. Like, they disrupted a plateaued industry with the introduction of AI-powered improvements. They offer both web-based and desktop-based software, but the desktop-based version is what you should be using. Also like, they use the AI tools and APIs of all the major players in the intelligence space, but have designed their systems to take advantages of the strengths of each, without simply being married to a specific solution. We admire their approach to product design and find their results incredible — especially given the insanely low 7¢ per minute pricing.

Visit them at to learn more, but be sure to sign up using this link, which gets subscribers 100 free transcription minutes (a $15 value).

To transcribe your audio with descript:

Occasional usage

  1. Drag your audio file to the Descript interface (you'll need to pay eventually, but you get 30 minutes for free)
  2. Watch the magic happen
  3. Identify your speakers if necessary (the recordings you get from us will utilize the Left and Right channels of audio to take advantage of this)
  4. That's it!

Frequent usage

If you anticipate doing this regularly, you can set up Zapier workflows:

For example, you could

  • Forward your emails to a zapier email address, parse the link to the mp3, download it, and run it through the Zap
  • Save your audio to a dropbox folder, and have anything saved to that folder automatically transcribed

More information on this at:

If you would like to see this feature integrated into your account at, please let us know.

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