How to forward your calls from Comcast Business to

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The following steps are how to forward your Comcast Business number to your receptionists:

  1. Log into your account, and navigate to Manage Phone Service
  1. Under your Dashboard, go to Call Forwarding settings

  1. For direct call forwarding, you'll insert your Smith number into the Call Forwarding Always section with the Edit button, and ensure it's toggled on. This sets your line to forward all calls to your receptionists.

  1. To forward calls only if your line is busy, use the Call Forwarding Busy section, and insert your Smith number in that box, then ensure it's toggled on and click Save.

  1. To forward calls if there is no answer on your line, use the Call Forwarding No Answer section. Insert your Smith number and select how many rings you'd like a call to have before forwarding. Ensure your toggle is set to On and click Save.

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